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Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC is more than a magazine company. Veteran Voices Newsletter strives to help and enrich Veterans find their voices and use them to express thoughts and ideas that could give new outlooks and perspectives to the writer and the reader. For healing themselves and their communities. Yes you can write is our motto. Ventilate with your pen.


We are energized by the responses we received so far from both writers and readers. Our release events are all about celebrating the publication, showing appreciation and having a grand fun time with lots of food and camaraderie which is inspired by our very first event.  express thoughts and ideas that could give new outlooks and perspectives to the writer and the reader. We have our eyes on the community looking for those special souls who so generously give of themselves. Vikings and Champions, we will find you. Though team building can be a challenge, we have confidence in hard working and talented people. Those with passion and a strong sense of commitment will be welcomed at Veteran Voices Newsletter. Thank you for your unwavering attention.


Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC envisions a resource center, offering summer jobs and paid internships for young adults. We believe in this mission and need your help. To donate, your time, services or funds please contact  us


The most satisfying part of our journey came when we decided to branch out into the outskirts of our community. Check out who are shaking and shaping the evolution of  “Thank you for your service” , along with seeking out those Veterans who are helping their fellow Veterans. 


We implemented the Viking Award, and later considered a Champion Award for those Civilians tirelessly giving of themselves, as service to our community.  To all the people that answered our call and gave us a chance to experiment with ideas that we have now adapted as part of the structure at VetVoNews…we say thank you for your time.

Board Of Directors

Eva Hinds

Eva Hinds is a former New York Army National Guard member.

She has worked in a diverse set of industries, from Child Care to Software Quality Assurance. As C.E.O and
Editor-in-Chief of Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC, she handles the creative direction of the magazine.

Norman Smith

Norman Smith enlisted in the United States Marines on February 11th 1975. In 1980, he joined the Merchant Marines through the National Maritime Union Of America. Now Mr. Smith spend his time as C.E.O of Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC.

Joseph Robinson

Joseph Robinson, first introduced to Veteran Voices in a advisory capacity. He comes from generations of veterans dating from WWII to the Vietnam War, and adds a civilian perspective to veteran life.  Currently, while working in the private sector as a technology trainer, he works as President of Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC.

Image of David E. Jenkins Jr, Director of Operations of Veterans Voices Newsletter
Director of Operations
David E. Jenkins Jr

David E.Jenkins Jr. is a United States Marine Corps Veteran.He served for 6 years with an Honorable Discharge. Formerly a Veterans Outreach Specialist helping Veterans with getting Employment Training. Now retired, he still work with Veterans as Director of Operations for Veteran Voices Newsletter LLC. He spends his free time with his favorite hobby – Acting.

Yes, you can write. 

It was springtime of 2013 and a group of Veterans decided to have a barbeque. Lots of food, plenty of  chatter and lots of laugher. Everyone had a great time, especially after those gigantic beef ribs made it off the grill. One amongst us decided to document the event. He took pictures, wrote an article about the event and hence, a newsletter. This brilliant idea stemmed from that gathering of Veterans sharing food, fun and camaraderie. 

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